Illuminating/Light Reflecting Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser

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chazza | 13:10 Thu 07th Apr 2011 | Beauty
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I had fantastic Light Reflecting foundation and tinted moisturiser, by different manufacturers. Ufnortunately both have been discontinued so I'm looking for alternatives!

I know there are loads out there but can anyone personally recommend either or both?



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Don't be tempted by the Clarins one - it smells very strong, and it left a red mark on the back of my hand where I'd tested it - it's SUPPOSED to be allergen tested!
I'm using Avon foundation the calming illuminating one and I'm really happy with it - also they do a really good mineral powder one, that suits me too. If you don't have an Avon rep, try here:
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The Clarins one has been discontinued, it was the one I loved!

I'll have a look at the others, thanks!

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Illuminating/Light Reflecting Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser

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