What are the main points in this poem ?

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iLovePeace | 04:23 Sat 16th Oct 2010 | Arts & Literature
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hey , I get a English project all about the following poem . I do understand the poem but my teacher wants me to get 50 main points out of this poem & it's only 14 lines . I only could think of 15 main points . please help me with the rest . answer as possible as you can , PLEASE!!!!
I don't want a tutoring websites cuz I don't have money to pay 4 that ...just tell me what u think it's the answer ..<3

Her is the poem , 

World , in hounding me...

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

translated by Alan S.Trueblood

World, in hounding me, what do you gain? 
How can it harm you if I choose, astutely, 
rather to stock my mind with things of beauty, 
than waste its stock on every beauty's claim? 

Costliness and wealth bring me no pleasure; 
the only happiness I care to find 
derives from setting treasure in my mind, 
and not from mind that's set on winning treasure. 

I prize no comeliness. All fair things pay 
to time, the victor, their appointed fee 
and treasure cheats even the practiced eye. 

Mine is the better and the truer way: 
to leave the vanities of life aside, 
not throw my life away on vanity. 

Please help . I really need it ..Thanks in advance <3


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It would help if you told us what you have so we don't duplicate
are you sure your teacher said "FIFTY" and not "FIFTEEN" ?
"I get a English project"

It is saying that the author prefers free spiritual blessings to the worldly goods that advertisers try to persuade you to part with your money for. The author prefers to have beauty in his thoughts not in his worldly possesions. Can you think of 50 ways of saying this?
1 It's a sonnet
Hint: take each line and pick a word eg "HOUNDING" in the title.Hounding is a very strong word for the work advertisers etc are doing to get you to part with your money. The poet feels pressurised. That could be TWO points.
And what about "WORLD"? That could be an exaggeration to emphasise the pressure from all sides. There you are! 3 points already and I'm only on the title. Does this give you some idea as to how to cope? Break down the task.
This really got me interested! Thaks for that. Good to get the little grey cells working again!
A poem can't have FIFTY main points, however long! The word 'main' means precisely, just the main ones, so you'd expect three or four at the most. Is it a supply teacher?

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What are the main points in this poem ?

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