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Cmitchell | 14:50 Tue 18th Jan 2005 | Arts & Literature
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Hi Folks,  I realise this is probably the wrong Category, but there isn't an Education Category. I'm really pushed for time & need some help. I cannot find the Level Descriptors for KS2 Numeracy & Reading. I have in front of me the Level Descriptors for Writing but am needing those for numeracy and reading. I've had a quick look on the and the websites but can't find them. Please can anyone help?

Level 3 for writing sounds like this:- Pupil's writing is often organised, imaginative & clear. The main features of different forms of writing are used appropriately, beginning to be adapted to different readers. Sequences of sentences extend ideas logically and words are chosen for variety and interest. The basic grammatical structure of sentences is usually correct. Spelling is usually accurate, including that of common polysyllabic words. Punctuation to mark sentences - full stops, capital letters and question marks - is used accurately. Handwriting is joined and legible.
Please can you message me back the appropriate website/ links? Many  thanks in advance!!!


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try this link, if you then go to Maths and English on the right hand side of the screen there should be on the top bar 'Attainment' - I think this might be what you are looking for, hope this helps
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THANK YOU Jules - Your a life saver! I really appreciate your help.

I'm not sure if your a teacher or not but I'm sure you'll agree that the LDs should be easier to find and be available on more (government!) websites such a QCA  or DFES etc.

Thanks again hon! :)

Glad I could help, I'm not a teacher, but worked in a school until July last year as a Learning Support Assistant. I must agree they certainly weren't easy to find :(
You can find very good description of KS2 SATs levels at

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KS2 Level Descriptors

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