I have various first edition books by stephen king

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mandapanda30 | 18:13 Wed 21st Apr 2010 | Arts & Literature
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I have 27 first edition books by stephen king, some from the dark tower series. I have searched various sites, abe, ebay, library sites, and i cannot find a valid price for the books. They all jump around too much. Can someone give me somewhere to go that's free to find the prices of these books? I have someone interested in them and I don't want to be taken advantage of.


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bear in mind that he's pretty famous and collectors will have been saving his first editions, so they won't be worth huge amounts. The really valuable ones are the books nobody knew would be a success, so nobody saved - original Harry Potters, for instance.
You can also search on eBay and see if the 1st eds are offered for sale, to give you an idea of starting prices. I agree with Eddie's comments, prices vary wildly according to condition and demand.
I would have thought a first edition Carrie would be worth money maybe Salem's Lot and the Shining after these his career took off and it will be as Jno says.

Carrie was first published in the US by Doubleday and can be worth up to $7,500

I would imagine by the time Carrie got here he would have been seriously more famous.
Surely the Dark Tower series will also go up in value due to there supposedly being another one considered (not sure how real this will be) and the film/tv series which they are creating.

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I have various first edition books by stephen king

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