Heatchliff in Wuthering Heights

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darty | 20:56 Wed 17th Mar 2010 | Arts & Literature
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Please, help me. I need to write about Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. I need to analise his character. Help, please


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easy enough to Google - try this one (and there are others)
Might be worth reading the book- it's quite famous and is still available.
More interesting would be to write about how Emily Bronte was able to create such an enduring character that has captured the imagination of generations of writers and film makers yet remains the iconic image of romance, when she was infact living a simple almost solitary life in a cold restrictive vicarage with little contact with the outside world. That is the mystery of it and the genius. I think both her, and her sisters, were people watchers, and spent alot of time thinking way beyond their environment.
a bit of Branwell in him perhaps, Dot?
certainly with the drink but not the drug addiction! have you ever read The Dark Quartet
Dot, I couldn't agree more. And not only an enduring character. Such a darkly brooding, and passionately tormented character. I've often wondered how Emily could possibly have created him - or the book in fact. I'd like to know what went on in that genius mind of hers.
I had an incling of what she may have seen many years ago, i was about 15 and we went to visit my great Aunt who had a farm called Scammerton right on top above Hebden Bridge, my great uncle spoke in such a broard yorkshire accent i couldn;t tell what he said, and my great aunbt had a cleft pallet and talked proper strange! Her main job was sorting the eggs from the battery hens, she had a huge kitchen table that was covered in egg crates and she talked none stop whilst sorting the brown and white eggs, but anyway, she had 7 children, the eldest sons all worked on the farm, and one by one they turned up for thier dinner and I tell you what, everyone of them was like a version of Heathcliffe! They wore clogs, smoked pipes, none were older than 35, they all had long dark curly hair and filled that kitchen for an hour of chaos, but looking back, i think that the way those boys dressed and acted then, would have hardly seemed different if Emily had seen them in Howarth on market day ! She was a people watcher and she had a great eye!!!
Yes, but it wasn't only the physical appearance and the environment, was it? It was the depth of emotion she managed to convey that always intrigued me. This is a harsh book full of torment and she was an unmarried, inexperienced girl, who lived a fairly secluded life and died young, so where did all that some from? I often think she was quite mad and possessed a spirit that was desperate to escape it's bonds. I have visions of her alone with her dark thoughts roaming the windswept moors. (Just like Cathy in a way).

Just out of interest, did you know it's said that Wuthering Heights has to be read at least seven times before the reader is able to understand it completely? I believe it! It's a work of true genius. (And if that's true Darty, you're going to have to go some - but do read the book. It's a masterpiece!).

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Heatchliff in Wuthering Heights

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