dawn french's dear fatty.

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radiogaga | 15:08 Thu 23rd Oct 2008 | Arts & Literature
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her book was released not so long ago, my question is why is it more or less repeated word for word in yesterdays daily mail?
1, i cannot imagine dawn french having a deal with said paper.?!
2, are the mail stealing her thunder by reprinting parts of book in their own words, therefore bypassing copyright?


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It would aid analysis of your observation if the entry in the Daily Mail was accessible for perusal.

Did the article mention her by name? The most recent to do so appears to be dated 19th Oct and is a report of her addressing a festival audience to promote her book... 078872/Vicar-Dibley-return-TV-screens-bishop-D awn-French-reveals.html

How much content was reprinted?

Was it from an earlier book, serialised in the DM: "Dawn French: The Unauthorized Biography" by Alison Bowyer? y&authornamef=Alison+Bowyer

And I can't get my head around the concept of how the book is repeated word for word in their own words.
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same content to be found in dawn frenchs book, dear fatty.
with other bits added on for light entertainment i guess.
It can be seen that "yesterday's Daily Mail" is a bit of a red herring when made in relation to articles published during September (days before "Dear Fatty" was published).

So it does transpire that you were actually referring to the three-part serialisation (all three available in my second link) of Alison Bowyer's book, which was published in June. I think it impossible for the author of a book to be thought of as bypassing their own copyright.
My mistake: the paperback of "...Unauthorized Biography" was released in June but the hardback was released in October 2007.

Alison Bowyer also authored "Dawn French: The Biography" in 2000.

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dawn french's dear fatty.

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