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Frogface | 18:08 Tue 31st Aug 2004 | Arts & Literature
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Does anyone know how I can send an email to author Patricia Cornwell?


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You could visit her website which is but I'll save you the trouble as it's not there. Her address is Patricia Cornwell Enterprises.PO Box 35763,Richmond,VA 23235.You could also look in one of her books as there is usually an e-mail address there.
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Wot no stars?
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sorry - how do I "star"?????
When you look at the answers received,underneath the answer is a "Rate this Answer" buuton press that and all will be revealed.Also when you look at your answers to the right is a box saying has your question been answered if you click that you wont receive any more e-mails about this particular answer.Because if you ask a stupid or many asked question,there are certain contributors to this site (no names mentioned) who will constantly answer and try and overload your e-mail address.As has happened very recently with the tuck your blanks question.It reached 650 answers before Ab/ed deleted it.Hope all that helps.Any more help needed and I can be contacted via Yahoo groups "Answerbook,The Friends of Answerbank."
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Thanks so much - getting the hang of it now.

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Patricia Cornwell - how to email

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