searcching for a poem and it's origins

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milkshake | 13:24 Tue 31st Aug 2004 | Arts & Literature
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who wrote "spring is sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies iz..." etc and where can I find the whole poem??


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I expect that it's just one of those nonsense poems for children. I couldn't find an author but I did find the exact words my Mum used to say to me over and over.... Spring is sprung, Duh grass is riz; I wonder where dem boidies is? Dey say duh boid is on duh wing: But dat�s absoid! Duh wing is on duh boid!
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Hi Cetti, many thanks for your input, this is much as I know, but was hoping to discover the 'author'- from yesteryears... in time to send out a fun "happy Spring" mail to all my friends! Tomorrow is the start of Spring where I am in South Africa. Go well, Milkshake.
That sounds very much like the style of Benjamin Zephaniah.
A bit of googling found this, by BZ:

Spring is sprung
the grass is riz
I wonder where the boidies is
Lo the boids is on the wing
But dat's absoid
The wings is on the boid

has got a few more of his poems. I like the turkey one best.
Furhter googling found this:
which says it's by Mike Jackson. (I was sure it was Benjamin Zephaniah?) I'll go and google again.
Further further googling found references to people remembering it from their childhood in the 1930s and 1940s, which rather bee-uggers up my Benjamin Zephaniah theory, because he was born in 1958. Sorry!
Further googling says it's by the very famous and prolific poet Anonymous. I'll get my coat...
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Bernado, hey there, so what colour is your coat...just before you go, I mean! Red I suppose(grinning loudly) Thanks for all your efforts, I do know the works of Benjamin Zephaniah, so was puzzled and of course I did much googling prior to coming here,to no avail.Anonymous had to have been real so the search continues... till another time, then :-)
I have just found it in "The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems" published by the BBC a few years ago. It is listed under the title "Spring in the Bronx" by Anon, so it seems to be a traditional American thingy - it probably has lots of different variations. But I wish it had been BZ, because he's a hoopy frood.
I always thought it was Ogden Nash, the US poet of nonsense, who definitely wrote - in relation to the art of seduction - "Candy is dandy; but Liquor is quicker.

For a full discussion on the Boidies poem, click here
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Bernado! how industrious you are, many thanks :-)
My coat? Red? Why red? Have I missed a joke or sometink?
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;-) It was you who said; 'I'll get my coat...'I assumed thus, that you were leaving the 'room',implying that you were blushing! Merely my interpretation. where I'm from a blush or flush has tones of red :-)
De little boids is on de wing. Ain't dat absoid! De little wings ison de boid. Ogden Nash
From OHIO, the poem goes:
Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where the flowers is.
My father was a quiet man not given to poems but recited this little verse EVERY spring!
i BELIEVE IT COUD HAVE BEEN Samuel Langhorne Clemens (otherwise known as Mark Twain)

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searcching for a poem and it's origins

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