Could Harry Potter Have A Twin?

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MR.X | 17:19 Sun 11th Jul 2004 | Arts & Literature
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I think that the thery of harry havin a twin brother is excileant. And that it could b somone all ready at the skool who is unaware. Like Nevill for instanc, Voltamort tryed to kill both of them but went to harry first. Cause harry's parents wear in hiddin prob even before they had harry the could of easely had twins with out people knowing. So perhaps then nevill is the hald blood princ, which would make harry a prince as well but not the half blood one ,as jkr clearly stated, But that would still not have the conection with COS but ha think about it. What Do the rest of you think, can u find a connection with COS


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No way is Nevill Harry's twin. No way has Harry even got a twin!!!!!!!! I really am not seeing why everyone is obsessed with finding out who the Half Blood Prince is - it just spoils it! We had the same thing trying to find out who died in Book 5 - and it just spoilt the book. Please please can people stop asking these questions now, as I really dont want to find out!
Moonhead no one will really no for sure until it is out and we have read it. It is fun just to spectulate anyways isn't it?
What the **** is your question about? I can't understand a word of what you're saying! Is this some kind of new language that we should be studying?
of course neville isnt harrys twin. they would look alike, for one, even if they werent identical. It says that neville looks exactly like frank and alice longbottom, so how could he be a potter?
otay i understood the ? but neville couldn't b Harrys twin cause neville is a drunk from New York in the Bronx if u dont no where that is then u must not b american. j/k u shouldnt think we are wierdos my friend jojo juss said it and i dicided 2 put it down. wait what was the ?? ummmm ohh yea ummm cause we no who neville's parents are. they r also drunks from New York. j/k im having 2 much fun here thats otay i dont care.
will some one comment on the last thing i said i want to no what u ppl think answer this. am a crazy or not??? and also here is another ??? how much wood could a wood chuch chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood????? hhmmm this has nothing 2 do with harry potter but i still want to no!! byez for now. luv from me xoxo ::muah::
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well ma Q sure did anger some people , and it was wriiten in text form so yeah u should know it , it aint that hard and like who doesnt have a mobile so a just fighured that everyone would understand but allways there somone people who just arent with the times.(TK421) Bye
I think it would be VERY far-fetched if J.K. put that in her book. If Harry had a twin, which I'm pretty sure he doesn't (you never know), it wouldn't be Neville, considering that he alreay has parents. And in the 5th book when they saw his parents, they said there was a resemblance, so it's not like he could have been adopted.
I am sure that somewhere on her site JKR clearly says thatHarry does not have a twin.
harry have a twin if he had a twin he would know about he was one when voldemort tried to kill lily and james couldn't of kept from anyone that long sirius would of told him dumble would of told him and as for the connection i think dobby is the hbp can't be bothered to explain it now but felling......o wot the hell dobby could warn harry without the malfoys permission and dumbledore said that a house elf could only do things unless they were told-well somewhere along the lines anyway this y i think he is not a proper house elf (either that or salazar slytherin or Godric Griffindor)

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Could Harry Potter Have A Twin?

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