A Greek Amongst Romans - author?

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lapin | 02:04 Fri 18th Jun 2004 | Arts & Literature
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Can anyone tell me the author of the short story 'A Greek Amongst Romans', about a man's awful weekend at the country house of some revoltingly sporty people? I heard it read on Radio 4 years ago and have been trying to identify it ever since. Thanks


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. I don't know if the information on this page refers to what you are searching for. It seems it talks about a Radio 4 programme entitled "The Cookbook of Apicius". It says that the protagonists scribe is "a Greek amongst Romans" which finds some eating habits revolting. I figure this is NOT what you are searching, but I'll post this answer just in case it could be a clue. (If I copied the link wrongly, you can find the page easily by typing "a greek amongst romans" (like this, between quotation marks) in Google.
I forgot to say that page says Jim Miller was the writer.
no...but i think highly of anyone who listens to radio 4.

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A Greek Amongst Romans - author?

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