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DottieOtley | 06:16 Mon 04th Jun 2007 | Arts & Literature
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Hi. I heard a poem on a TV show tonight, and I wrote it down so I could search for it, but I haven't found it online yet. I'm hoping it's a classic poem and not just something written for the show (The Tudors), because it's very pretty and I'd love to find more by the same author. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can identify it! I did my best to get it word for word, but it wasn't spoken too clearly, so I suspect I may have a few words wrong:

softly love and to love softly
to you on a sycamore branch
along the creek and gate
and my heart hurries afterwards
through the path of wheat along the briar
to that stone under which I lie

Thank you!


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I'm sorry that this isn't a direct reply but you might be able to find out about the poem by e-mailing the production company. 'The Tudors' was made by the Irish company, World 2000 Entertainment. You can contact them here:
[email protected]

Maybe think about posting your query on this site where there is a debate about The Tudors. D+the+tudors

Cannot say I have ever seen this poem. I'm thinking translation from Latin or Gaelic?
I wrote to the show and got this response:

"I'm sorry, but I do not know the answer to that."

I wrote back "Huh?? It's YOUR show!"
Question Author
Thanks for your responses. I haven't been able to find the origin yet anywhere else, either, so maybe it's just destined to be a mystery! Maddening! Thanks, Barbara, for writing the show--and even THEY don't know! Or maybe they just don't wanna tell. Sigh!
I've looked near and far for about a year to find more on such luck. After slowing down the track - I think the words are as follows. I must agree it is in deed a very beautiful poem; one which it seems was written for that particular scene and was not taken from a classic.

softly love and to love softly
dew on the sycamore branch
by the creaking gate
where my heart hurries afterwards
through the path of wheat along the briar
to that stone under which I lie
Question Author
Thank you much, gebs! I think you're right that it was most likely written for that scene. And I very much appreciate the corrections to the words. I didn't think of slowing down the track like you did :)

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