Tracing a Vwriter

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brenda43 | 11:47 Thu 11th May 2006 | Arts & Literature
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I would like to find out the composer or writer of these lines:

Forever they are fading Our Beautiful, Our Bright

They gladden us a while, Then pass away from sight

And that was the first verse! Pls can any one shade any light on it? Thanks.


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The verse intrigued me , so having a few hours (not really) minutes to spare I did a search and all that came up was the verse on a Gravestone in America .

No idea still of the Author though, it is a lovely verse. The headstone read...

Mary F.
25 Jun 1863
1 May 1922
Forever they are fading/our beautiful, our bright/they gladden us a little while/then pass away from sight.

It was at this site..... No answers though apart from it being a Lutheran Church.

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Thank you very much for the answer. There is a second verse and it reads:

A little while we're parted
from those who love us best.
They gain the goal before us
and enter into rest.

Thanks again,


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Tracing a Vwriter

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