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empegs | 16:28 Wed 26th Apr 2006 | Arts & Literature
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there is a 'Dmbledore is not dead' theory circulating, and one or two websites are claiming that there is a significant difference between the american and english edition that suggests Dumbledore may well be faking death in order to be best protected. Apparantly, when Dumbledore says to Draco, shortly before he is killed, 'come to the right side and we can hide you more completely than you could ever imagine', the american edition also includes the words 'nobody can find you if they think your dead' or something along those lines.

Does anybody know if this is true?


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are you sure these are the exact words?

come to the right side and we can hide you more completly than you could ever imagine, sounds more like star was to me.

saying that my opinion is also that dumbledore is alive, i can't explain why, just have a feeling and hope i'm right. i was quite upset when i read of his death.

Thanks for the spoiler, I haven't read the last one yet !!!


Gonna try and take it out of my mind now....

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he he, it does tend towards the cheesier moments of sci-fi dosn't it. but I just checked, and thats it word for word lol. page 552.

as for the spoiler, I'm well and truly sorry, the book came out so long ago and I just thought that by now absolutely everyone everywhere had heard about the death, it was a huge scandal and talked about for weeks, even before the book came out. sorry though.

empegs dead right just checked it again, word for word, i think i'll read all the books again as a refresher.
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I have always been convinced, there was something we don't know, going on between Dumbledore and Snape.

I am sure he had a reason for trusting him as much as he did. (And stopping Harry from interfering!)

American version (pg 591-2) "He cannot kill you if you are already dead. Come over to the right side, Draco, and we can hide you more completely than you can possibly imagine.... Nobody would be surprised that you had died in your attempt to kill me."

Thanks for pointing that out, it's making me feel much better about Dumbledore's prospects.

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thanks for the help! If anyone else is interested, theres a website I thought was pretty cool:

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