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vicalncraig | 13:03 Sun 09th Apr 2006 | Arts & Literature
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In the early 80's I read a book [maybe Herbert or koontz?] about a male, bored librarian who somehow gets involved with a stranger via his work computer. They turn out to be representitives for some millionaire hunters, bored by killing animals and want human prey. If my memory serves me right the librarian is small insignificant type. His wife is raped and murdered by a look a like and this is filmed to ensure he doesn't go to the police....the chase begins and needless to say the good guy comes out on top. Thanks in advance to anyone who can name the book/author.


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Can think of several movies on this theme - "The Game" starring Michael Douglas seems most similar.

The Running man - Richard Bachman (Stephen King) made into a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also Hard Target starring Jean Claude Van Damme

and "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones

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