Harry Potter (minor book 6 spoilers)

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potterfan3 | 21:08 Mon 06th Feb 2006 | Arts & Literature
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OK when i finished HBP i thought RAB might be Sirius' brother Regalus....Black. Ideas for this theroy; the today i was on the hp lexicon and i found that in the grimmauld place they found a "heavy locket that no one could open" (PAGE108 UK OOTP C6), could this be one of voldemorts horcruxes that RAB replaced? If RAB is Regalus then it would be the most likley place for him to hide it. Also he was supposingly a death eater and he called voldemort the "dark lord" in the letter and apparently only death eaters call him that. It would explain why he was killed. Rowling has mentioned characters that will be important later on before eg Sirius
Against; he apparently supported voldemort so why wold he do it??? anyway what are your thoughts?


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I think it is regulus and the a in his initials is after his uncle alphard who left sirius the pile of gold causing him to be blasted off the tapestry, also i recon that regulas took the locket from the cave by taking kreacher with him and making the house elf drink the potion out of the bird bath, would explane why kreacher is insane. but i'm wondering now if dung has nicked the locket?
I think it is wonderful how JK has put clues all through the books (Book 2 the horcrux was the diary). He could have turned against Voldemort. But most people think RAB is Regulus. However, who is "dung"? Did I miss something!
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Celtigra3 dung is short for mundugnus flectcher (spelling)
Ah, thanks. Mungdungus is rather light fingered!

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Harry Potter (minor book 6 spoilers)

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