last road to wigan

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micko1962 | 13:00 Thu 19th Jan 2006 | Arts & Literature
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Who wrote the book "The Last Road To Wigan" ??


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Do you mean "The Road to Wigan Pier' by George Orwell?
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No it's definately The Last Road To Wigan
I have just checked the British Library catalogue (they have every book ever published - ever) and there is no book called The Last Road To Wigan.
I think your 'last road' is a cul de sac my friend.
There is a book called The Ever-Longer Road to Wigan Pier by DJ Taylor about Orwell
Wigan? Who mentioned Wigan! It's my day off tomorrow and I don't have to go into Wigan! Please, ssshhhhhhhhh
Could 'Rose' by Martin Cruz Smith have been published under a different title. A sort of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Bladerunner sort of thing?
Hey, dotjhawkes, I live in Wigan and it's a wonderful place. Full of characters and pies and strange accents. I wasn't born here, but love the down to earth approach to life. Julia.
How's Wigan these days, julia? I used to live along Wigan Lane, not far from th'Infirmary, by the Plantation Gates. Eeeeeeee, that were a long time ago.

Henneth, my late gran lived in the block of flats on Marylebone Court right near the plantations!

Small world!

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last road to wigan

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