I Read "The English Patient" By Michael Ondaatje About A Year Ago And I Feel So Captivated By It I Can't Read Other Books. What Should I Do?

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lolitasteward | 23:28 Sat 05th Mar 2022 | Arts & Literature
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I've been rereading The English patient every time before bed for a whole year. The first time I read it from the beginning till the end. It was such a magical journey. Now I simply choose a random page and read at least 60 pages before bed.
It's such an amazing piece of literature I find it hard to read other book. I've tried reading other works by the same author and the only novel that was pretty much close to The English patient regarding its quality, was "Anil's ghost". And I finished reading it and I really enjoyed it. But I can't find any other similar book which motivates me to keep reading.
I feel stuck and I know there are plenty of classic and modern works out there I have try reading. What should I do?


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I have to try*
Have you tried other modern classics, such as The Remains of the Day?
My favourite author is orhan pamuk but I would recommend elif shafak as being a little more accessible. Both set their novels in contemporary and historical contexts.
Apparently Christopher Lee had read Lord of the Rings every year for 40 years before he got the part of Saruman in the film version.

As much as I've liked a book, I think this kind of thing is a bit odd.
I am delighted to read your post and will definitely get The English Patient and hope I find it as compulsive as you. I only read quality books and the one that stands out to me is "Star of the Sea" by Joseph O'Connor. It was the International Best Seller back in the day and had the most positive reviews of any book I have read. You will not regret it.
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Stargazer/ Thank you so much for the recommendation. I've ordered a copy of "Star of the sea". Hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as you did.
I'd love to know what you think about "The English patient".
I have already ordered The English Patient from Ebay, only £2 but as I have already have three books on the go may not begin to read it immediately.
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Stargazer/ No worries. I just hope you'll enjoy the journey through this book as much as I did, otherwise you'll confirm that I'm nothing but a freak as tomus42 might think (joking).
I have just started to read it myself.
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Stargazer/ How has your journey been so far?

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I Read "The English Patient" By Michael Ondaatje About A Year Ago And I Feel So Captivated By It I Can't Read Other Books. What Should I Do?

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