What Are You Reading At The Moment?

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naomi24 | 13:01 Tue 21st Sep 2021 | Arts & Literature
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I've just started Andrew Marr's 'A History of the World'.


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Shamini Flints 'The Singapore school of Villany'.
Just a bit of light reading really. A Singapore Sikh who isn't like other detectives. He's fat and out of condition, but of course, very clever.
'The Salt Path' by Raynor Wynn.
From A to Biba by Barbara Hulanicki
One August Night by Victoria Hislop, it’s the sequel to The Island which is about Spinalonga, the Leprosy island.
Stalin Ate My Homework, Alexei Sayle.
I am just going to start A narrow door by Joanne Harris - Looks Good
Vagus, I’ve just got the same one from the library. I enjoyed The Island so looking forward to reading this one.
Stephen King's "The Outsider"
Milo, mine was a 99p daily kindle deal.
I too really enjoyed The Island, I learnt so much about leprosy too, fascinating.
Danny Danziger and John Gillinhgam's 1215, a re-read, fascinating that this is.
A book about anti-gravity ,,, I can't put it down
"The Wrong Side Of Goodbye" by Michael Connelly, a Bosch novel.
The womans weekly
Anyone who has personal memories of their parents or grandparents, or is simply interested in what happened to the wives & servicemen during and returning from WWII should read this book 'Stranger in the House' - I'm re-reading it (in fact I wish everyone could read it; User Recommendation
A Song For The Dark Times - Ian Rankin
Because my mama was educated in a convent - in India actually, and never wrote a book

I am on Frost in May - the first virago publication

Little Nanda Grey goes to a convent and DOES write about it. Extensively. |Decades of the Rosary. Novenas. Latin Masses
150 pp of Nanda envying Maisie Foo-foo who ALWAYS wins the pink ribbon of Eternal Forgiveness for that week, presented by Mother beatissima maria - always smelling of violets.....Maisie never manages to do a dman thing the holy nuns can deplore
Basically Nanda is too adventurous by far - and one time wipes the History prep question off the black board to gasps of dismay from the other more obedient girls.

I may migrate onto the Affair C P Snow - research fraud in 1950
A book about anti-gravity ,,, I can't put it down
O I am on Casino Royale - I am in a spin about it!

Quantum Manjit Kumar - very good and clear about C19 quantum theory and where did it go to - - but you have to be interested in - Cantor, Einstein and Max Planck (*)

Oh Mr Plank how did you persuade all the old professors to accept you new revolutionary theories?

Planck - for it is he: - - they died

( actually he said - Physics progresses thro a series of funerals - but my misquote is better)

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes. The title is ironic. The story of three women who have been abused by a charismatic politician. Funny and bleak by turns.
John Cooper Clarke .. 'I Wanna Be Yours'
L-I-K and Sanmac - both good reads.

I've just finished Dark Sacred Night in which Bosch teams up with female detective Rene Ballard. Another good read.

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