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shivvy | 23:40 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Arts & Literature
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I would like to introduce audiobooks to my father-in-law so that he can listen to them in bed.
However I know that he will not pay for them.
So I was wondering if anyone currently uses. . .
1) an app which provides free decent books, or
2) an app that I can buy (and then gift to him) which he can then use to access books for free?
I am looking for replies from people who are actually know of the apps or are using them rather than google searches please.


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You can download audio books from your public library for free.
Question Author
What do you mean by public library please barry1010?
The council owned lending libraries that you borrow books from assuming you are in the UK
I am a member of the library and have the app on my mobile and iPad to do this, which is called Libby. You will need to be a member of the library and get a password from them and then you can set it up, all free.
It's fabulous, isn't it, riptide? I am a member of three different counties' libraries so borrow a lot of books every month. Mine don't use Libby, they use another app but all the apps are easy to use.

I download my eBooks on to my Kobo and Kindle as I prefer them to using my phone or tablet.

Shivvy, this is an idea of the public library service
Your local library may use different apps. You can reserve ebooks and audiobooks, too.

Great choice of audiobooks, too.
Totally agree Barry, would not be without it, very handy during lockdown.
Question Author
Oh goodness I never knew that libraries did that.
That would be perfect for him - thanks so much Barry!
I borrow audio books from my library on an app call Borrow Box - it has all the up to date books and is free. Ask your local library about audio services.

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