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Ooh, I say ...
18:14 Sun 06th Jun 2021
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bed... not important. People disapprove of Happy's behaviour, but it doesn't surprise or bother me. She was looking for feedback on an erotic story.
Atheist is the proverbial gift horse who's mouth has been looked into.

Your efforts were very worthy Atheist.
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She asked for an opinion, so I gave her one.
Ooh, I say ...
// People disapprove of Happy's behaviour, but it doesn't surprise or bother me. She was looking for feedback on an erotic story. //

Disapproval was not my motive when I tried obliquely to warn you yesterday. I was concerned about catfishing.
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Thanks, China. I enjoyed analysing Happy's body of work and giving her a stimulating response. Wherever she is, she will remember my input, I am sure.
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China, you will now realise that oblique responses don't get very far with me; I'm a simple soul. :-)
Catfishing - creating one or more fictional persona. Usually for financial gain.
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Thanks, China. I don't think she gained much from me, and what she did I don't begrudge. This place is full of fictional personae by its very nature. Neither you or I give our real names.
It's not about made up names though - it's about pretending to be a completely different person. One minute a minor author, the next a Latvian rape victim for instance.

Catfishes often play the long game to gain one's confidence [if indeed he/she was catfishing].

By the way, 'Keep your hand on your ha'penny' was to try to signal you not to hand over any money. Failed signal obviously since you didn't 'get' it. Never mind. Onwards and upwards. :0)

keep your hand on your ha'penny means to keep your virtue intact, not hold on to your money!
Never heard of catfishing, China...thank you. We do have a name for someone posting on a forum under two or three different names though.

As for keep your hand on your ha'penny.... only time I ever heard that was from my mother who shouted it after me when I was going on a date...... :-)
Ahhh....bednobs and I shared a mother!
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Thanks, China, but don't worry, I only transferred 5k to her Italian bank (registered in Latvia) to tide her over until she got her first royalties to repay me with 50% agent's fee. I'll read your future posts very carefully (with a theologian's eye to make sure I get the correct interpretation), and If I'm worried I'll double check with you - don't worry, I'll pay you for your time if necessary.
Gosh, you're a brick!
bednobs - I know the actual meaning. But I was trying to walk a very thin line between openly making an accusation and warning Atheist of the possible financial scam. I had to get money in there somehow. Obviously badly! :0)
Have multiple personalities gone in a WHOOSH!!!??
Were they sent packing?
They walked unaided.
A voluntary march...
Yes, as is commonplace when they trip themselves up in their hurry to deceive.

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