Which Book Has This Cover?

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TheMassiveFish | 00:52 Mon 24th May 2021 | Arts & Literature
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This question might be a bit of a tricky one but here goes:

I saw a book with the following cover:
- a large letter with fungus/mushrooms growing out of it
- a grey/silvery background

About the book:
- science fiction
- NOT about fungus as far as I know

It was a science fiction book. Aside from this I know nothing else about it. I picked the book up in a branch of Indigo bookstore in Montreal, Canada in December 2020. I have been back in England and trying to remember the book. The vague information above is the only information I have and any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.


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Could it be - ?
00:58 Mon 24th May 2021
^ If you hover on the small pic, you can click to enlarge it
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Thank you to Lie-In King! I can’t believe someone found it and so quickly! Ambergris is the book! Thank you so much
Hi TheMassiveFish - I'm glad I could help & welcome to AnswerBank :-)

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Which Book Has This Cover?

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