Dante's Divine Comedy

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Khandro | 16:06 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Arts & Literature
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BBC's Katya Adler does a great job of presenting a 3 part programme here on BBC sounds 700 years after Dante's death in 1321 & finds its relevance to modern day life, I've listened to them twice & will probably continue to do so throughout the year;


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nel mmezzo del cammin della vita....

lasci' ogni speranza - voi ch'entrate !

al fine uscimo - arriveder le stelle !!

just to show I know a bit - or as Naomi says - I am jjust god at googling
For anyone who's got 12½ hours available to listen to it, this rendition of Longfellow's translation is quite good.

However, while I both read and write poetry, I struggle to get great enjoyment from Dante's work:

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Chris. This isn't the Divine Comedy itself it is a highly approachable dialogue between Katya & some Dante scholars with several marvelous readings in both English & the original Italian (which I can't speak, but is thrilling to listen to).

Three 20 minute programmes: [i] Inferno, Purgatorio & Paradiso [i]
Go for it, ( Avanti! )
Chris, have you tried the Sayers/Reynolds translation?
No, I haven't Woofgang.

I might give Clive James' translation a go one day but, to be honest, there are many other works of literature which I'd rather read first.
Sayers was a poet herself and demonstrates a masterly use of the English language in her novels, poems and non fiction works but sadly Dante has never called to me.

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Dante's Divine Comedy

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