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allenlondon | 06:04 Tue 24th Nov 2020 | Arts & Literature
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Trying to find the limerick about a young lady from Thanet who somehow had a bruised pomegranate...

Anyone know it?



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Are you perhaps thinking of a verse from Ian Dury's Billericay Dickie?
I'd rendezvous with Janet, quite near the Isle of Thanet
She looked more like a gannet, she wasn't half a prannet
Her mother tried to ban it, her father helped me plan it
And when I captured Janet, she bruised her pomegranate
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Possibly, 198. Thought it was a limerick, but Dury’s version fits the bill!

Aye, extensive googling only throws up that - apart from your original post.
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Blimey, I’m famous!

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