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jourdain2 | 13:29 Tue 10th Nov 2020 | Arts & Literature
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I don't know how it has happened, but I've lost the page I cut out of the paper! I've now reached the 'put aside and leave for a day' stage with my proposed entry and was looking for the address and rules for a friend. Panic is setting in here. I tried on line, but they want me to take a free trial before they'll let me read the article.

Please, I can remember the rules OK, but does anyone out there have the email address? I would be very grateful as there are lots of caveats if you send it in by snail-mail. Thanks.


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If it is the Herculis, then [email protected]
Question Author
No, it's for the 'lockdown' poetry competition, Danny.
I couldn't find an email so far -- as far as I can see there's an entry form instead, which wasn't loading when I tried to open it (perhaps unsurprisingly, as I'm not subscribed).
Sorry, I haven't that address.
Question Author
I'll tip the wheelie-bin over then and rake through in this awful cold fog we have. Thanks anyone who tried/s. I can remember the postal address so at worst it can go recorded delivery.
Question Author
Jim - thank you very much indeed. I'll give it a go.
tipping the wheelie-bin over is a good idea, the slip of paper you want is bound to have made its way to the bottom . . .
Let me know if the link works.
Question Author
Will try it, but first i have some knee-level scrabbling to do. :)
Question Author
FAO Jim. Sorry to keep you waiting - I will try your link, but in a few days. After dank, misty crawling and scrabbling in the 'paper' wheelie bin -I managed to find the page I'd torn out of the paper. Jubilant, I wrote poem out nicely in an email and tried to send it last night - the address was not recognised! I got Mr. J2 to check I'd not erred and tried again, same result - not really very good for a national newspaper. So today I've printed it off, stuck in an envelope and will have to send it recorded delivery tomorrow.

Once that has arrived I will try the like you found and see what happens, because they will only accept one entry and one version of the poem so I'd like to know that one is safely received. I do thank you Jim, very kind of you to help - I'll let you know.
Question Author
^^^^ 'link'
oh my version is

iggy wiggy woo
I forgot it too
send it into the telegraph
at least it will make HIM barf !

what do you think?
Question Author
I may as well save myself the money on postage, PP. An obvious outright winner! Love the metaphysical elements!
Good luck for the competition, then!
probably on here but you have to sign up for free
Question Author
Thanks jno & jim - not that I stand a chance against PP, unless he forgets to send it in!!
Just send it in as Poetry [email protected]
Expanding jno's Twitter link shows the comp organiser replying to a request for an email address with - "It's just via post and the form on the website, I'm afraid."

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