Stephen Fry’s ‘Troy’ - For Ken - And Anyone Else Who May Be Interested…

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naomi24 | 12:34 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Arts & Literature
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… in his series of books that retell, in his own inimitable way, stories from Ancient Greece, he has just published another entitled ‘Troy’ - which needs no explanation.


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Naomi; an explanation might have resulted in more responses than my sole whimper.
Just seen this, Naomi. Having thoroughly enjoyed Mythos, i will undoubtedly put Troy on my Christmas wish list for my children to peruse, along with The Second Sleep by Robert Harris.
I've only just downloaded and begun re-reading the first 5 of Harold Robbins novels (about a quarter of the way through Never Love A Stranger) which i first read when i was in the forces in Germany. A whole lifetime ago! Bit of luck, i'll have finished those just in time for Christmas :-)
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Ken, there’s also another in his ‘Greek’ series - ‘Heroes’ which I haven’t read yet.

Atheist, I assumed everyone would know what ‘Troy’ would be about.
are they hard reads, as i am just getting back into reading again, after months of abstinence.
Yep,Troy,obviously a book about a system of weights!!

I've read all of Robert Harris books except the latest.The Second Sleep has a poor ending though.Loved the Cicero Trilogy.
They're not 'hard reads', Emmie. Mythos is quite funny in parts, which one would expect from Mr Fry. Though an interest (however slight) in Greek Mythology would enable the reader to enjoy the book even more.
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Emmie, I agree with Ken. It might be best to pop into Waterstones or W H Smith to have a flick through the books before deciding to buy.

What sort of thing do you usually read?

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Stephen Fry’s ‘Troy’ - For Ken - And Anyone Else Who May Be Interested…

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