My First Ever Comic Strip

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Blake_Wildfong | 21:39 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Arts & Literature
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(if link doesn't work, let me know...)


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It doesn't work and I thought you had gone to bed.
Question Author
No, i just needed a nap, I had a headache
Yeah, me too.
Question Author
Think again...
Question Author
"My only thought is to entertain you." hence my, "Think again" since I do not think it is entertaining.
Everyone has to start somewhere, you'll get better the more you do - decent attempt Blake.
I like your graphics. With some decent storylines who knows?
Regardless of the style of the cartoon, what is the joke?
It's not my thing at all and I didn't laugh or really get anything out of it. Others might. But I do applaud your efforts in having a go and then putting it up for critique.

But please remember that others may not see what you see and do not be put off by harsh criticism. Listen to it, learn from it but be true to your vision.

It might work, it might not but at least you tried.

What caught my eye was your Lucifer styled shoulders...They match each other:)
/// what is the joke ///

From the enormous number of "comic" videos on facebook showing falls, I assumed the joke was that as he was making the statement he "entertained" by falling. That's how I interpreted it (although sadly I don't find falls at all funny) - I may be wrong of course.

Nice try Blake, and bold to publish it. Good luck if you take it up permanently. Don't be discouraged by rejections, it's all part of learning.

Sounds like it's on your computer. No one else has access there. You would need to upload it to some host website.
Yeah, the link worked, after having to go through the cookie turn offs. Congrats for giving it a go. I'm sure you'll hone those skills as you go.
Not see the first Garfield before.
A tad plagiaristic?
I've enjoyed many webcomics over the years (I'm currently reading one called Questionable Content, it's very funny).

Have fun with it, but to be honest, you're leaving yourself wide open to abuse by posting them here. Maybe keep them to your friends and family for the time being.
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My First Ever Comic Strip

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