Can You Draw Digitally On A Drawing Pad?

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FolViderox | 21:23 Wed 18th Mar 2020 | Arts & Literature
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When you draw on papers it doesn't look like things you draw on clip studio paint ex, microsoft paint and other drawing programs. Those artworks is the artworks you mostly use so i trace artworks with colour i drawn on papers on computer whitout colour. I want to draw that naturally and it's easier to draw with pens then with a mouse. I have asked a similiar question here and Old_Geezer answered that you can use a drawing pad to do that but i don't know how. If you can't, can you use another thing to that wich isn't a ink pen or a ink filled ruling pen and with many colour varinations? Tell me how to use it.


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Such pads usually come with a pen to use on them, and the relev3software. The better ones will be able to detect what pressure was used.

What are you using/calling a drawing pad ?

Do you mean a graphics tablet?

I've always used Wacom tablets - other brands are available.

Apparantly the now do a tablet that incorporates a paper pad (a friend of a friend bought one of those instead of a normal tablet);gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5rym1e6k6AIVy7TtCh0XRQPPEAQYAiABEgIFt_D_BwE

You don't need a big one - just make sure that you set the screen scaling correctly.
...relevant software...

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Can You Draw Digitally On A Drawing Pad?

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