Which Of These Books Would You Read First?

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sandyRoe | 19:36 Mon 16th Mar 2020 | Arts & Literature
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The Plague, Camus, or A journal of the plague year, Defoe?


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I've read them both.
I'd recommend Defoe first.
I'd also recommend Defoe.
Had to do The Plague (La Peste) for A Level French and absolutely hated it!
neither ever ever ever
I don't know which is best for starters, but The Plague, is certainly de notre temps
Wasnt Defoes tome not just a tissue of urban legends(of the 17th century),a lot of the things he described didnt happen and were just rumours among rumours.As for Camus...probably another tissue of lies and mistruths.
What about One Hundred Years of Solitude - could be where we’re heading?
Neither by the sound of them!
Sandy, whichever way round you read them, read 'The Plague Dogs' (Richard Adams) afterwards, for a bit of 'light' relief.
journal of the plague year - goot
also on prodject Gutenberg - the free book download site

plague I thought I wd do in Fransh as it - - really isnt true
I wondered why the Oran outbreak er wasnt like that

and is a satire - roman a clef - on the German occ of France
so the dr is observer ( of course)
some run away
some run to assist
etc etc and I wondered wny there wasnt a strong thread of
and then they all DDIIIIIIEEEEEED!

and it us because the end of the plague = liberation of La Belle France by the americans
Just take up Tolstoy or Mikhail Sholokhov's Trilogy (which is brilliant)
who ever said defoe made it up
he was writing I think 1685 and wasnt there
so he had to ask people to fink back to 1665
I fink

oh whilst I am here - I am rotating Police service manual - samned boring - NT gk vocab ( so at least I can read it)
arabic vocab so I can undersand the Black Crows on you tube

MIT 6006 and 6042
these are MIT MOOCs - Mass inst tech - mass observation on line course and are the uni lectures in various subjects
There are literally thousands

jesus we had to go to a Library and read a book
Mijhail Bulgakow did
Country doctors notebook - tele cersion with Harry Potter
and the book is better - -

I mean War and Peace takes two weeks at 8 h a day

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Which Of These Books Would You Read First?

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