The Strange Hours Travelers Keep

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Khandro | 23:51 Sun 15th Mar 2020 | Arts & Literature
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The markets never rest
Always they are somewhere in agitation
Pork bellies, titanium, winter wheat
Electromagnetic ether peppered with photons
Treasure spewing from Unisys A-15 J mainframes
Across the firmament
Soundlessly among the thunderheads and passenger jets
As they make their nightlong journeys
Across the oceans and steppes

Nebulae, incandescent frog spawn of information
Trembling in the claw of Scorpio
Not an instant, then shooting away
Like an enormous cloud of starlings

Garbage scows move slowly down the estuary
The lights of the airport pulse in morning darkness
Food trucks, propane, tortured hearts
The reticent epistemologist parks
Gets out, checks the curb, reparks
Thunder of jets
Peristalsis of great capitals

How pretty in her tartan scarf
Her ruminative frown
Ambiguity and Reason
Locked in a slow, ferocious tango
Of if not, why not

August Kleinzahler


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'Gets you right here'.... said Naomi, thumping her heart. :o/
A tear just tickled down my cheek.
A tear just tickled down my cheek.
Thy tears fall in vain
for a lost soul so cold.
facile dicere tibi est.
Is she dead?
Is that from a school magazine?
August Kleinzahler is alive as far as I know.
Possibly the school of not hard enough knocks, Brainiac.
The girl in the pome. If there is one.
I only understand Ozymandius and a Shropshire Lad. (I think)
He doesn't say does he?

I think it's for the reader to play with as they go on the journey with the words.

I'm lousy at analysing poetry.
I didn't get past the first 4 lines.
I thought 'I'll read Mamy's analysis and understand it all'...
Lol. That's you ***. shoota.
Let you down again :-(

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The Strange Hours Travelers Keep

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