Ploughing On Sunday

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Khandro | 23:25 Fri 13th Mar 2020 | Arts & Literature
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The white cock's tail
Tosses in the wind.
The turkey-cock's tail
Glitters in the sun.

Water in the fields.
The wind pours down.
The feathers flare
And bluster in the wind.

Remus, blow your horn!
I'm ploughing on Sunday,
Ploughing North America.
Blow your horn!

The turkey-cock's tail
Spreads to the sun.

The white cock's tail
Streams to the moon.
Water in the fields.
The wind pours down.

Wallace Stevens


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Enjoyed that Khandro - that's going to get me rum tum drumming through the day.
I wandered lonely aisle to aisle
To buy some basic fare
Came home empty handed
All the shelves were bare
Well not exactly empty
I could have bought some fruit
I could have got some veggies too
I could have bought some laxatives
But no paper for a poo
I could have bought some top shelf mags
Although I am not pervy
The local people won't get covid
But I think they will all get scurvy.

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Ploughing On Sunday

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