New Book Out - On Alzheimer's & Dementia At Large

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DTCwordfan | 10:21 Thu 19th Dec 2019 | Arts & Literature
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As a long time ABer, I approached the Ed about posting this thread and given that Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases are so prevalent in society today and not just the West, it's likely that many ABers are impacted as suffering from it, as a carer or a relative or close friend of a sufferer.

My book on the subject went live on Kindle last night - it will be joined by iBookstore, B&N(Nook), Kobo, and Lulu and the website probably today. It's titled 'My Mother Has Alzheimer's - Am I Going Mad?' and seeks to look at the case of my mother from a carer's perspective.

At its base, it's informative as to what dementia and its diseases entail and the way they express themselves and then the book is full of tips for carers and their families. It's more than that though as it is a narrative of what my mother has been through (and me) up to the point of professional care in a Home now needed, so it goes from early symptoms to diagnosis and through the major areas of how it manifested itself in her case. It's poignant, some pathos, emotion (close but not too close, apparently) and there's humour - needed as a pressure relief mechanism.....

Sales have begun already - the market is huge - in the UK alone there are 880k sufferers of Alzheimer's, 500k at home and family carers are thought to make up 90% - there's also, frighteningly so, 225k new cases a year, loading into the system and needing advice. I'm not shooting the moon but even a small slice of the market would be rewarding.

Then when you take the States at 5.7 million sufferers and that Alzheimer's is now prevalent in Japan, Taiwan and India at similar percentages of the population, it really is a global disease and support is needed. There's not that much out there that's been written by carers and if I can help them at all, then that will be a really good justification for writing the book.

Lastly, I sent pixie and a couple of others copies as they have been involved in dementia care professionally or as family so as to test its viability. Pixie loves it but I'll let her comment on it. I've also been put forward for a literary award already - from one of the proof-readers who has been bowled over by it.

I would love to hear any comments here or I can send a throw-away e-address in time - the Ed knows where I live too!

The first link is User Recommendation
Yes, I know my name is out there in public, so no comments there please, if it helps folk then my job is done.

Thanks - DTC (N)


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Good luck with it, DTC and well done for getting it out there. It's been a long time for you.
Well done DTC. My son-in -law has Mixed Alzeimer's. I'll check if my daughter would like one.
Well done again, DTC - I hope the book does well and is helpful for many people.
Question Author
thanks all....

Danny, technically my mother is Mixed too, Alzheimer's dominant, vascular dementia secondary - the book title doesn't work as well with 'Mixed'!

There's a second type of Mixed with Lewy's Bodies in play with Alzheimer's too - this is much rarer.
DTC, would it not be any good for my son-in-law then?
Well done, DTC, and good luck with sales.
Hi, it is fantastic- and well worth reading. No matter what type of dementia (Danny x) or even if you don't yet know anybody with it.
I personally found it quite addictive to read. It was very friendly and personal, but also with a lot of accurate and up-to-date information. It has a lot of humour in, but in a sensitive way. I think many many people will relate to it, and even those without direct experience just yet, would probably also enjoy it and find it helpful.

Of course, everyone is different, so the personal anecdotes especially, I think will reassure a lot of people... and especially people recently diagnosed. We used to often not tell the person themselves about their diagnosis, just the relatives, but now (and it does seem to make a big difference ime) that we now do, and it does seem to help people that they have some awareness of what is happening.

Not entirely sure why this hasn't been published many years ago... lol... but my only concern is not being articulate enough to give it the justification it deserves.
Congratulations, dt xx (I told you these Eds would get it ;-)) xx
Question Author
Danny, very relevant I would think as the general principles/advice apply across the Dementia spectrum......
Question Author
Thanks pixie for your feedback.....much appreciated.
Well done DTC, I am sure it will help many people.
Congratulations on getting it out there DTC ,so relevant to so many and as said the personal side will give an insight and at times some relief, very important.
Looks good, DTC. I’ve just read the first bit on Amazon. I think I might buy it.
Is this available as an actual book DTC.
Congratulations DTC...I'm sure this has been a labour of love for you.
I've put it on my Amazon wish list.
Question Author
thank you, - it will be out in paper through Amazon shortly but then hardback around the mid-year if the sales go well - a good start given we haven't got everything up yet. The website is now there -
Thank you. I'll keep a look out.
Well done DTC. What a great accomplishment considering everything else going on in your life. Hope it does well. Fingers crossed.
Question Author
thanks Bakers D - yes, things have been somewhat frenetic but it's all part of change.....
I'm sure this book will help a lot of people. Good to keep a sense of humour, in times of personal turmoil. Well done, DTC, wishing you every success. You deserve it.
Question Author
thanks Patsy....

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New Book Out - On Alzheimer's & Dementia At Large

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