New Book Out - On Alzheimer's & Dementia At Large

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DTCwordfan | 09:21 Thu 19th Dec 2019 | Arts & Literature
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As a long time ABer, I approached the Ed about posting this thread and given that Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases are so prevalent in society today and not just the West, it's likely that many ABers are impacted as suffering from it, as a carer or a relative or close friend of a sufferer.

My book on the subject went live on Kindle last night - it will be joined by iBookstore, B&N(Nook), Kobo, and Lulu and the website probably today. It's titled 'My Mother Has Alzheimer's - Am I Going Mad?' and seeks to look at the case of my mother from a carer's perspective.

At its base, it's informative as to what dementia and its diseases entail and the way they express themselves and then the book is full of tips for carers and their families. It's more than that though as it is a narrative of what my mother has been through (and me) up to the point of professional care in a Home now needed, so it goes from early symptoms to diagnosis and through the major areas of how it manifested itself in her case. It's poignant, some pathos, emotion (close but not too close, apparently) and there's humour - needed as a pressure relief mechanism.....

Sales have begun already - the market is huge - in the UK alone there are 880k sufferers of Alzheimer's, 500k at home and family carers are thought to make up 90% - there's also, frighteningly so, 225k new cases a year, loading into the system and needing advice. I'm not shooting the moon but even a small slice of the market would be rewarding.

Then when you take the States at 5.7 million sufferers and that Alzheimer's is now prevalent in Japan, Taiwan and India at similar percentages of the population, it really is a global disease and support is needed. There's not that much out there that's been written by carers and if I can help them at all, then that will be a really good justification for writing the book.

Lastly, I sent pixie and a couple of others copies as they have been involved in dementia care professionally or as family so as to test its viability. Pixie loves it but I'll let her comment on it. I've also been put forward for a literary award already - from one of the proof-readers who has been bowled over by it.

I would love to hear any comments here or I can send a throw-away e-address in time - the Ed knows where I live too!

The first link is User Recommendation
Yes, I know my name is out there in public, so no comments there please, if it helps folk then my job is done.

Thanks - DTC (N)


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Good luck DTC, I wish you a lot of success.
Question Author
thanks cashier......
I echo a carer for FIL over 5 years I identified with all that DT has put down in words sometimes it felt like an uphill struggle trying to get the care and necessary attention from the world..and it was very isolating at times..a whole gambit of emotions from anger..sadness ..self doubt... unless you have walked in a carer's shoes... the practical side of things is also necessary..what steps to take regarding power of attorney..wills ...letting friends and family know the situation..dealing with folk's ignorance of the to deal with other's and also the ever changing and unpredictable course of the illness... the extreme exhaustion and how to keep a sense of humour at the same time..or the carer will go mad !! a definite and necessary read for anyone who is touched by Alzheimers
I wish you all the best Dt, hope it goes very well
DTC, well done on writing the book. I wish you every success with it. When I looked at it on Amazon, the price was listed as '449.00' - odd, and obviously not correct!
Question Author
Odd - Kindle on at the moment and at £7.99

Thanks for your comments and thanks for the review, minty xx
Thanks, DTC. £7.99 sounds much more reasonable. I can't decipher the currency indicator shown on the Amazon price, it's not pounds, dollars, euros... just something totally new to me. (Maybe 449 whatevers equal £7.99!).
Question Author
sounds like you are in something like an Argentinian Kindle site....
I wish you well with the book DTC. Did you do the lovely drawing on the front cover?
Thanks again, DTC - I've got the proper price on the proper site. It was Google who took me to the '449' one. Good luck - you, and the book, deserve to do well.
Question Author
No, the painting was by my eldest sister - she won the Falmouth Art Prize for this and it really captures my 'Mater'......
Question Author
Nical - could you copy the site onto here? Thanks

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New Book Out - On Alzheimer's & Dementia At Large

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