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sophiemiles | 20:36 Fri 18th Nov 2005 | Arts & Literature
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how can i change the three little pigs to make it a modern traditional story for kids?


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There's a modern version here:

This Canadian education site has got a strange story outline for the 3 Liittle CyberPigs!: _la_3littlepigs.html

This site has got an 'updated modern version'. It's useless as a story for kids but I've got to include it because it made me laugh:

I see Buenchico has beaten me to it. I didn't realise the Canadians were so on the ball, but I've always thought the 3 Little Pigs story would fit well with the anonymity of the Internet. The wolf(abuser) pretending to be a teenager like the Little Pigs and enticing them to meet him. I must admit it gives me a shiver to think about it. Good luck!

You can also buy the wolf's side of the story as a children's book.

hey soph tis your sis! havent got an answer for you but glad u found some finally x

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