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B00 | 15:43 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | Arts & Literature
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Of this watercolour?

Thanks :-)


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I think, as I said, it's obvious the artist is on the younger side, but I also said it's good and I mean that, her use of colour and style is lovely, perfecting technique will improve with each piece she does, and it's perfectly nice enough to go on my wall as it is, so yes if she's artistically inclined then art college is really good place to start so I think that's...
15:56 Wed 24th Apr 2019
A blank screen is all that I see
I admire the artistry and the colours, I don't think I'm getting the message as yet that the artist had in mind.
I really like it, lots of differing technique tried, I'd say a young artist still getting to grips with some of them but essentially observational and good x
Click 'zoom' Wolf
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oh bum, really?

Hang on.... on zoom.

She's very good B00.
good go
must work on technique
Does it represent a woman's reproductive system? was done by a child.
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Would it make a difference if I said the artist was 14?

Gosh...I'm still thinking of her as little. Still good anyway.
Don't like it.
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No no, it's good criticism ummmm I asked for honest opinions and I really do want them. If someone says it's rubbish, id like them to say- however I would like a why it's rubbish comment to follow.

I believe she has a genuine talent, but im not sure whether maternal pride is making me say that or she really does have IT.

She's veering towards going to art college when she leaves school, and im pretty much pushing her in that direction, but there's always that little niggle that says "she's not that good ya numpty, you're her mum, you're bound to say that"- lol
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You don't like the subject matter HereIam? Or how it's done?
I had no idea it was the work of a child and my comment was sincere.
I think it is amazing.
I have to say I had the same thought as hc but was too embarrassed to say :-)
I think it takes a lot of skill and perception to be able to draw like that. I'm hopeless myself. I respect and admire the effort and perception it took to make this piece, but personally it does nothing for me in an artistic sense.
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"Does it represent a woman's reproductive system? "

Ruddy hope not! LOL
I don't get vagina vibes.
My reply above stands regardless of age, she has talent and will find her own style and level as she goes along.

One pf my Grandsons is into graphic art and I'm always honest with him about his creations, he appreciates it.

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