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Teaandquizzes | 16:56 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | Arts & Literature
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Does Wassily Kandinsky's 'Blue segment' go by another name? TIA


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segment bleu
Blaues Segment
siny segment
This quiz is no asking on the internet, which I’m sure you know.
ANGIE, that does not prevent folk asking or answering.

Yes it does.
Baldric, if you were doing this quiz, you would know that it says no asking as the OP well knows. In that case, AB rules are irrelevant.
Angie, I fear that you like me will have to bite this bullet - only last week on a thread AB Editor said that the only rules that apply here are AB rules.

It must feel a blow to those quiz setters who are also AB Members and provide quizzes but as ever management has the right to law down the way their site works.

For my own part I follow the rules of the games/puzzles etc I enter and on a personal level that's all we can do.

Best tell the Spareeditor that then, it's no odds to me either way ;o)
*lay down
I agree Mamya, but it’s the OP who knows they are going against the setter’s wishes. Presumably that’s why the question wasn’t posted in Q&P.
I think the ship has sailed Angie, or more likely sunk.

Not if the setter knows who this is it hasnt as I think those of us doing it will know
I was referring to the Editor's comments re Setters rules.

It is up to setters to act if they can of course.
Yes I knew you were I wasn't really commenting to you as such.
angle 55, No it doesn't and if one posts pon AnswerBank then AB rules apply.If a question is asked it will be answered.
Danny, yes it does. The OP is doing a quiz where the setter has specifically requested no asking on the internet. So the question shouldn’t be here.
angle55, That is up to the poster, but if a question is posted, like I said, it will be answered,Them's the AB rules.
I know they are the AB rules, but when it’s pointed out that a quiz is no asking, it would show some common sense and integrity not to answer.

What, even if you don't have the Quiz and don't know what the setter has asked, get real.
Baldric, read my post “when it’s pointed out”.

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