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Yes - signed. Family should have been consulted.
There was a previous thread on this. It was interesting in places. Are there new developments?
Is the film about the killers rather than about James Bulger. I can see a case for consulting her but also for not doing as she probably would have objected to the whole idea
when tradgedies occur, should they be fair game for film makers?
what about the film about the tsunami, were all families consulted? what about "alive"? were the families consulted? should a certain amount of time pass? in this case it's been a fair few years and i cant see much difference between those films and this
Question Author
Not surprisingly, some heartless refusals.
You WILL toe the party line, eh?
i am not heartless and you know what, i'm allowed a different opinion to you
Would any, all refusals be classed as 'heartless'?
Why heartless?
Would you ban all films and documentaries made about Murders and deaths?
I seem to recall a particular tale of torture and murder that has Theland in raptures.
I would never watch a film like this. I don't see any justification for making films of this kind. I'm quite happy with fictional murder, as long as it's not too detailed and gruesome.
I have signed the petition.
Question Author
War films, tsunamis, earthquakes are surely different to this one little boy being murdered and his poor Mum and Dad having to re-live the horror.
This is personal, others are a collective tragedy.
The focus is on this one Mums grief, and they did not have the decency to consult her. In the name of, "art?"
The west murders the Jon bennet murders, the shipman murders I could go on
However if you actually read the petition you would see they want ALL films based on actual events to have families consulted so in that context there is no dinference at all.
Question Author
Is it not immoral to ignore the family, and not seek their approval?
No - doesn’t sound like the film would be my cup of tea but it’s not up to me what others can or cannot watch, make films about, write books about, etc.
Question Author
But the family's' approval should have been sought.
Does a ‘collective tragedy’ make it any less personal to those affected?

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James Bulger Murder Film.

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