Mystery author from 70's (possibly!)

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LizzieJ | 21:08 Thu 08th Sep 2005 | Arts & Literature
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Hi this is a long shot so I'm not sure if you can help! I remember reading a collection of horror short stories which I obtained from my local library in the early 80's..I think the book was quite old? Anyway all I can remember is that the last story in the book was written as if the author was talking to you the reader and it scared me silly! I think the last line of the story was.."don't look behind you ....until you see my knife!"

This is obviously a bit vague, but has anyone else read that and could tell me the name of the author??

(Yes, i know I'm expecting a miracle!!!)


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i don't want to get your hopes up but i found a short story called Don't Look Behind You by Frederic Brown. It's a short story this is the last line: Go on, just a few seconds or minutes, thinking this is just another story. Don't look behind you. Don't believe this-until you feel the knife. I found this on then I typed in what book is this line from "Don't look behind you until you see my knife." This is what popped up. The charectars are Harley and Justin. Does that sound familiar? I hope I've been of some help.

I remember that story!!!!!

I can't remember the book title though - dammit. I don't think I slept for a week - I was about 14 when I read it, and it scared the bejesus out of me.

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Oh my god thank you very much libertymks, I didnt know I could do that with ask jeeves as have always found it to be fairly useless! I will def be trying to buy that now, thanks very very much!!


Chapel, finally someone else who remembers, I've talked about it to people over the years and no one else knew of it!!

I read a story like that in a 1970s Alfred Hitchcock collection. The set up was that the author worked in a book printing factory and had ripped out a story in one book and replaced it with his own typeset confession to crimes of the past, concluding with the explanation of how he followed this individual book and saw who bought it and followed them home and is going to kill the person -- and it's YOU!

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Mystery author from 70's (possibly!)

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