Surrealist Poster, Possible From The 70's

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shiznit | 23:36 Mon 01st Dec 2014 | Arts & Literature
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I remember my Aunty and Uncle had this poster up when I was a young lad. It was in their spare room and used to scare the crap out of me. It saw not very colourful and all I can recall is that the main subject was of the torso of a man, which was hollow with lots and lots of other smaller creatures and beast things doing various activities. the head or face of the man was looking back at you, it sort of reminded me of the Mona Lisa's face. The arms where also fractured looking, sort of like the whole torso and arms had been frozen, or made solid and then bits broken out of them. Not much to go on sorry.

Thanks for any answers


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It wasn't this one was it? Hieronymus Bosch
23:52 Mon 01st Dec 2014
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I'm going to level with you slaney, as I was typing out my question, it was sounding more and more ridiculous to me!. I am absolutely astounded that you got what the hell I was describing. Kudos my friend, and thank you so much for putting this to rest for me.

That is one fascinating piece of Art, luv it!
You could lose yourself in that for ages,he truly was an intriguing man.
I thought he made drills...
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It is amazing, I can fully appreciate it now. The whole piece is mind blowing. 1490, I was a bit out with the dates haha
Glad to help - as a child it scared and fascinated me too...
I'm sure the poster would have been from the '70's even if the original artwork was earlier.
Surreal was everywhere - I had a whacking great Dali poster on chipboard.
It's fascinating stuff, but not something I'd want on the living room wall.
I find his pictures fascinating - a fantastic imagination, but possibly a bit neurotic/obsessive. Google him for some amazing images.

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Surrealist Poster, Possible From The 70's

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