Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. (No spoiler)

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acw | 16:45 Wed 03rd Aug 2005 | Arts & Literature
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I've just read this book for the second time, and again I thought it was absolutely wonderful.  :-)

I didn't know whether I should put this here or in "Parenting", but I plumped for here.  ABE - please move this if I got it wrong! :-)

Would anyone who lives with/works with/knows any autistic children and has read the book please tell me how accurate it is?!

I had heard that it was accurate, but I've realised now that I am basing my entire knowledge of autism on this book and the character in it.  I know that all kids are unique, so no-one would be exactly the same as Christopher Boone anyway, but I'm interested to know if it's about right.

Thank you in anticipation. 


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I did read the book, and loved it - but having an autistic child I spent a lot of my time empathising with the parents, as I thought it portrayed the frustrations of parenting an autistic child wonderfully. I could feel the exhaustion of Christopher's parents, and it was really poignant that Christopher just couldn't see that his actions were going to cause such concern to them! I thought it was good that it portrayed so clearly that when an Autistic child does upsetting or frightening things they are absolutely not doing it to deliberately cause anxiety or to scare anyone. It's easy to forget that sometimes! Christopher has Aspergers which is only one type of autism (in fact, one of the regular contributors to AB has Aspergers, I hope he replies to this) so it covers this particular area well - as you say though, each child is unique and people with autism may range from mildly eccentric to being totally withdrawn from the world. I rarely read or watch anything about autism because the extreme cases tend to be highlighted (eg Rainman) and whilst there are some common features, you can't generalise. I made an exception for this book, and I am glad I did.

I am by no means an expert in Autism, however, I do know that there are many types of Autism and Christopher Boone's is only one form - Aspergers Syndrome (sp?)

Each form of Autism has different effects on a person, but in the case of Asperger's, the book is very accurate and if there is such a thing as 'typical autism'- quite typical of that particular syndrome.

I have also read the book and found it very eye opening and uniquely brilliant!

(did you know it was published as a children's book and as an adults book and the only difference was the colour of the front cover - because of the way different colours appeal to adults/children? - I found this quite fascinating!)

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I realised Asperger's was something different, but I didn't realise that was what Christopher had.  Could you tell that from reading, or was it mentioned somewhere and I missed it? 

Thanks very much for your thoughts kags - I find it a very interesting topic and something I'd like to understand better.  Speaking to people who deal with it daily seems the best way to me! :-)

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I've got the red one - which one is that!?!

Crossed posts with you becci - thanks for your thoughts too! :-)

I've not read this book but intend to now i've read the review. But I do work with a child who has Asperger's syndrome. The name 'Asperger' comes from Hans Asperger - an Austrian physician. Asperger's is a variant of autism both coming from the autistc spectrum. The traits of an Asperger's child are social isolation and eccentric behaviour.  it's also recognised in their speech through repetitive patterns and abnormalties of inflection. The child I work with has an incredible bank of knowledge about dinosaurs. Sadly I'm not working with him next year but I am getting back one of my previous pupils with the same disorder (due to my change of year group)
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Lore - buy it tomorrow!  It's an absolutely wonderful book.  It might help you get through the summer holidays - I can tell you're missing the kids at work!  It really is a wonderful book.  I'm so glad it's being confirmed as accurate too! :-)
Will do acw  :o)

I beleive the red one is the children's book - I wasn't aware of the difference when I bought my copy, but I have the blue one. (i.e the adult version) 

It's the back cover that gives a brief explaination of Chistopher and he has Asperger's.


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My version doesn't say that - so I probably have the kids' version!  Mine was �6.99 - I wonder if I saved any money on it!!! :-p

Morning acw and all. On the recommendation of my wife, a colleague and finally acw I read this book on the train to Birmingham yesterday. I expected it to be good but I had no idea just how good, it really is an amazingly well written book. I do urge Lore to read it too because it also illustrates the bond between the child and his teacher, the only person with special training to cope with the syndrome. I wanted to cry for all of them at some stage or another. acw � I have the red version and at some point yesterday became aware that Christopher had Aspergers, but I can�t remember exactly how. It�s not in the story, but if it�s not on the back cover it may be amongst the first few pages that quote other people saying how good the book is.

Another book with an autistic main character:
Speed of Dark author's last name is Moon

"Lou Arrendale, well compensated for his remarkable pattern-recognition skills, enjoys his job and expects never to lose it. But he has a new boss, a man who thinks Lou and the others in his building are a liability. Lou and his coworkers are autistic. And the new boss is going to fire Lou and all his coworkers--unless they agree to undergo an experimental new procedure to "cure" them."
Once again, a pretty high-functioning autistic, though I think he's definitely fully autistic,not aspergers.

waaaaaaaaaaaah! I want to read it again!!! what a great book acw - thanks :)  xxx    I got the blue version (lol the adult version)   - which does tell you in the blurb that Christopher has Asperger's Syndrome.

p.s  acw - mine cost �6.99 too, so no savings there hunny :o) hehe

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Glad you enjoyed it Lore.  It was strange how it bumbles on as this brilliant book and then the last 2 pages suddenly I was crying so much!  Snuck right up on me there!!

Never mind about the savings - worth every penny, as I'm sure everyone here agrees! :-)

Yep agreed!! I was flicking through the blank pages at the back of the book hoping for more - You can't just stop writing there! continue... please CONTINUE!!

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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime. (No spoiler)

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