Stop spoiling HP!

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morg_monster | 12:31 Thu 28th Jul 2005 | Arts & Literature
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Please guys, can you PLEASE stop posting who dies in HP6!! Not everyone has finished reading it yet and you are totally ruining it for them.  If you want to ask a question and need to mention who dies, may I suggest writing a question with a relevant title and then say something like "HP6 Spoiler in this question.. watch out" as the question.  Then as soon as you have posted it, write the full question as an answer to your question.  That way no-one will see it who doesn't want to.


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Whenever I've posted things about it I've made a conscious point not to mention names or put massive spoiler warnings because I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. Thought this was just common sense or common courtesy and I'm really surprised people have let such massive secrets about the book out.

Not surprised you're annoyed. Enjoy the rest of the book though. x

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nice one Lissy. Actually I finished the book in 2 days but my cousin who's 10 was very upset when she found out (not on answerbank) as she's only a few chapters in.  bless!
I persistantly inquire as to whether people actually want to know who dies/who is half-blood prince etc and they say yes! But I totally agree with you.
I totally agree with you morg monster. I think people should be more sensitive like lissy because some of us haven't even started it yet!

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Stop spoiling HP!

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