That Woman Wallis Simpson

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coccinelle | 17:16 Sat 08th Jun 2013 | Arts & Literature
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Has any ABer read this book? I was quite looking forward to it (their relationship always held such romanticism) but as time goes on I'm disliking this woman more and more and thinking thank goodness, Edward didn't become king! If you have read this book do you think this describes what they were really like?


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he seems to have been a bit of a Nazi sympathiser himself.

But there has always been unpleasant propaganda about her - she was alleged to have learned in a Chinese brothel how to ensnare men, for instance. I don't know how much of ths is in the book.
I am old enough to remember this! In my opinion, she was nothing more than a *** in the very worst sense of the word. She had already been married and divorced and then remarried and she cuckolded her poor husband with absolutely no thought for anyone but herself. Gold-digger supreme!! She, of course, thought she was going to be Queen. Fat chance!! But at least she got to be a Duchess, which I suppose was something. I think she got herself so embroiled in her designs that she could not get out of it and so had to marry the Duke. Mind you, he was just as bad as her. His life consisted of making merry and enjoying himself. She was not his only paramour.
I haven't read this particular book but have read quite a bit about Wallis Simpson.
I don't think she ever wanted to marry Edward but due to his persistence things got out of hand and she couldn't find a way out of it.
I think the country should thank her as Edward would have been a dreadful king...............
I didn't know sIut was a swear word!!
From what I've read they deserved each other. He was a weak, self centred man and a Nazi sympathiser to boot while she.............well, what can I say that hasn't already been said!
Yet Camilla, who was married and cuckolded her husband, is seen as being the perfect partner for the current heir to the throne.....
I don't think so craft, and I suspect there are many more who dislike the thought of Camilla being Queen consort!
Apart from the Nazi sympathiser part, my post could also describe Charles and Camilla!!
I think its bad to call a woman a *** when you did not know her - all you know is what was reported on her and you have read.

Rumours were deliberatly spread abouter - the establishment spread the china whorehouse story!

Letters have been found that proved she did not want to marry Edward that she did not want to divorce her husband.

But you will always get those that are ready to believe the worst in people.
What puzzles me is what the attraction was - she was as plain as a pikestaff, as the saying goes. As another saying goes, she must have been good in the hay!!
Well, friedgreen, you have facts in that she was married twice and rapidly divorced them when she found what she thought was better.
It could be that she was different that she was not one of the set and therefore his chance to rebel.
gold digger and awful woman, quite what he saw in her was anyone's guess, she certainly wasn't a looker.
Something wrong with being married twice?

Quite insulting really.
Not now, craft, but in those days it was frowned upon - once was bad enough but twice, - well!!!
Sorry - that answer was for ummmm!
Starone if you are in your 80's then you would have been around 10 when they married hardly remembering.
So what if she was married twice - it was almost a period of free love back in the 20/30s from what I have read and seen it was normal to sleep around rather than divorce!

The face remains that husband no 2 pushed wallis towards Edward as it was good for his social standing!
But you are answering in 2013 and still referring to her as a s|ut.

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That Woman Wallis Simpson

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