Mappa Dell'inferno

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iloveglee | 15:16 Fri 07th Jun 2013 | Arts & Literature
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does anyone know where bottcelli's la mappa dell inferno is displayed. I assumed in Florence but an find no reference to it. I have seen some of botticellis works including he birth of venus I think I the louvre but do not remember this one. I wondered if it was in private hands, or maybe deemed too graphic and frightening to be displayed. I would like to see it


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Museo del Bigallo Florence( according to Google)

museo casa di dante florence
Casa di Dante seems the more likely place
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well, as this is a major work of art by botticelli i would have thought it would have been in a major gallery like the louvre, or uffizi or even in one of the major galleries in the usa but am having difficulty in finding its location, even doing a google search. admittedly havent spent an awful lot of time and havent looked at every website that refers to the painting so will have to do so more trawling unless someone has actually seen it in its actual location
Dan Brown? :o)

Well, good luck with that then!
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I have always been interested in the divine comedy even before dan brown wrote his book including this work of art, and also like the paintings of botticelli since i was at school. the book has re-kindled this interest and since we are hoping to visit Florence before too long would like to see this painting. there are various images of this available, and some of the websites say reproduced by permission of museo casa del dante, so I wonder if they actually own it but it is not on display there. it does not make reference to this work of art being displayed on the website.
it is in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, the Vatican Library.
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i have read the dan brown book recently and it makes reference to the original which is in the vatican library. this is only partially open to the public, certain objects being available for view. there is no reference to this one. i understand that some objects are too fragile to be either displayed or handled by the general public so perhaps that applies to this one. there are very good images on the web to study it but would be nice to see the original. not that there arent many beautiful botticellis to see.
Rome has it i belive. Think it's in Vaticans library

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Mappa Dell'inferno

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