Children's book from the 70's

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Trielle | 04:37 Thu 14th Jul 2005 | Arts & Literature
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I'm trying to find a book I loved as a child. It was a long silly rhyme about a girl who falls from one thing to another. Some of the text goes something like:

The fire was so hot she flew into a pot. The ? was so hard she fell into some lard.

If anyone has knowledge of this very silly book,

Thanks so much,



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I don't know about a book, but this site of skipping rope rhymes  has the following:

Old Molly Rier
Jumped in the fire.
The fire was so hot
She jumped in the pot.
The pot was so black
She jumped in a crack.
The crack was so high
She jumped in the sky.
The sky was so blue
She jumped in the flue.
The flue was so deep
She jumped in the creek.
The creek was so shallow
She jumped in the tallow.
The tallow was so cold
She jumped on a pole.
The pole was so round
She jumped on the ground.
The ground was white
And there she spent the night.

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Thanks for replying! It was very similar to that rhyme. Some of the book's text may be exactly the same. The lady's name was different though. I believe her name was part of the title. Well at least I seem to be on the right track. Thanks again

Hi Ellen, I've got this one- Anna Elise, she jumped with surprise, the surprise was so quick it played her a trick, the trick was so rare she jumped in a chair. The chair was so fral she jumped in a pail. The pail was so wet she jumped in a net. The net was so small, she jumped on a ball. The ball was so round she jumped on the ground and ever since then she's been turning around.
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Well I can certainly see where the book got it's plot from. It was not either of those names though. I really appreciate you both taking the time to reply though. At least I feel like I'm making progress. Thanks again.



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Children's book from the 70's

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