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Answerprancer | 23:39 Wed 03rd Apr 2013 | Arts & Literature
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(And anyone else who is interested in quality camera lenses on a budget).
Eddie, since you gave me the advice about M42 lenses (eg. Helios 44-2) on my DSLR I thought you ought to know, you inspired me to an almost obsessional level!
I've amassed a sizable collection of these beauties from the past including (of course) the Helios 44-2, a Tair 3s 300mm, an SMC Takumar 50mm 1.4 (which is fantastic) and the latest a Carl Zeiss MC Jena 135mm (which is also fantastic) see what you've started!
For anyone else looking in and wondering what I'm on about - this is it:
Lenses for modern digital SLRs cost a fortune and if you don't have the layout, there is a get-around. For a long time "M42 screwfit" was the industry standard for 35mm film SLRs these can be fitted to modern DSLRs via an adaptor thus opening up the scope for quality glass for charity shop prices.
One lens which I bought including the camera, cost me all of £30 from a car boot sale and is considered one of the finest 50mm lenses ever made.

Just to stay within the 'question' boundaries of AB ...has anyone else given this a go or is curious? If the latter, I'd be more than happy to give advice based on what I've learnt so far.


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I bet someone has :-)
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eh? eh?!
Hi sorry just seen this. Yes I get M42 len's mainly to resell . The Takumar f1.4 is great and valuable. The tair is good but somewhat heavy, it was the basis of the Zenit Photosniper , a Zenit camera & Tair lens mounted on a rifle site type mount . I just got a Helios f2.8 135mm from cashconverters for £8, sold it on ebay for £30 2 days later. The Helios 135 is a great lens and can be found cheap, they are often used by profesional video makers.
That Helios is Japanese though they have 'pinched' the name from the Russians.
Zenit Photosniper , I am looking for one of these but they go for over £100
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Hi Eddie, thanks for replying - I've seen a few Photosnipers pop up on e-bay, the whole shebang - lock stock and metal suitcase! The lens itself is excellent and is well worth its weight (all 4 lbs of it!) IMO. I've seen them going for about £60-£70. My one came from Rocky Cameras in Southampton and cost £70 delivered.
ps. I was startled to find out that my Takumar is radioactive! (As is a Yashinon 50mm 1.7 I also have).
Yes there are radioactive Len's. Some of the Russian Industar lens for example. It is due to a component in the glass used to increase the refractive index.

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Att.eddie 51/lenses On A Budget

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