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EngTeach | 01:24 Sat 12th Jul 2008 | Books & Authors
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Not a question, but a recommendation: My students were devouring the Twilight trilogy by Stephanie Meyers. I read them and truly enjoyed them too. It is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire, but it is not a scary series. Very smartly written with well developed characters and though it has teen-angst it is not stupid. What caught my interest was that the boys were REALLY into the books. I would say age 12 and up is appropriate.They reference sex, but no one has it!

Hope this is helpful for getting those summer book projects on their way!!!!

I also just read that the first book is being made into a movie.


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I've only read the first two in the trilogy, the third not being in stock at work yet (but it's on order and I have a reservation on it). It's weird, this trilogy. It's cliched, slow moving, somewhat predictable and with the wettest heroine in christendom - yet there's something strangely fascinating about it that makes me want to read on.

Agree with you on the age range, although only for the more mature twelve year olds.

Can I also recommend - totally different genre - Celia Rees' Sovay, set in England and France at the time of the revolution and concerning a young girl who turns to highway robbery in order to save her family.
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Sounds good. I will check it out.
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Update to my post: There is a 4th book in this series. It will be released in states in about 10 days. Can't wait.

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Teen book recommendation

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