Place of publication of a book?

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Sonak | 09:55 Tue 08th Apr 2008 | Books & Authors
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Where can you find the place of publication for a certain book?

Any info would be appreciated, thanks


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Do you mean publication - or printing? Both very different things - but the info of both should be given on the 'impressum' page before the title page at the front of the book. If it's not there, I guess it's a case of contacting the publishers?
If a book is published in the United Kingdom (including books first published abroad but later published in the UK), the law requires that a copy is placed in the British Library. So the British Library integrated catalogue should contain details (including the place of publication) of every book ever published in this country: login-bl-list

See if you can find the book on AbeBooks. Booksellers on that site usually list the publisher and their location, and the edition, of any book they're selling.

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Place of publication of a book?

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