Does Anyone Know This Book?

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wardie100 | 22:27 Wed 05th Mar 2008 | Books & Authors
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Im looking for a young adults book i read about 10 years ago and have forgotten the title. I think it had a red cover and the title was one word (which was the name of the main femail character).

It was about a girl who lived in a palace but was sent to this old lady in a little cottage to learn magic/healing.

she spends some time weaving a magic cloak with another apprentice girl in another house too.

i think it ends in her trying to save her friend from an evil sorceress type lady and i know she gets attaked by wolves and nearly killed.

if anyone has any idea it would be much appreciated as endless googling has come up with nothing!


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This title is close on some counts, but may not be what you want: Scarlet Moon by Debbie Vigui�
Aaargh, I remember this book. She is sent to live with the healer for a year and a day. She makes a mistake with the magic cloak by dropping a stitch, and this is where a wolf (demon?) attacks her. She has to slaughter their pig.

Aaargh, don't remember the title though.
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yes thats it!
can you remember anything more about it that might help in a google search? its really bugging me as it was my fave book!
The plot doesn't ring any bells but I was wondering if it could be a book by Terry Pratchett?
No - but if you find out, will someone please let me know? Thanks.
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I remember also there was a sequel to the book that followed her daughter which comes from a vision she has in the first book.
You're going to love me!

'Juniper' by Monica Furlong. Apparently it was actually written as a prequel to a trilogy called 'Wild Child.'

I love Google, I found it by searching for:

"young adult" book "year and a day" healer girl witch

and it was on the first page!
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aaaagh thank you so much!! thats has ended like 5 years of on and off searching for me :D

i cant wait to buy it now!!
You're welcome!

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