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:Ace: | 10:23 Fri 08th Feb 2008 | Books & Authors
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I started reading Stephen King while I was on holiday and got through quite a few of his books. Then I bought Lisey's Story and...well, I found it a bit slow and, quite boring to be honest.

Has anybody else read this? What did you think of it?


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I too have read most of Stephen King's book but I couldn't get through Lisey's story. I was waiting for something to happen and it didn't so I'm afraid I gave up! I'm glad I'm not the only one who found it slow.
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Yeah, It's still unfinished on my shelf
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I used to love Stephen King books but started 'bag of bones' recently and didn't get far before I packed in and sent it to the charity shop - maybe he's losing his touch?
i thought it was awful. have read all his books, he seems to be going through a prolonged period of mediocre writing. Last thing i enjoyed was the 'Gunslinger ' series
His new one looks like it might be ok
I haven't read it.
I too like Stephen King, but his books can be hit or miss. I tend to stick with Dean Koontz now i'm never disappointed.
Hi Louisa - I haven't read it either.
King hasn't written a decent novel in years, he tries science fiction but trips up because he knows no science and it always shows.

I think he lost it after The Shining.
I've read it and didn't have a problem with it, although I would agree it is a bit slower than i would normally expect.

Louisa69 - I agree with you about Dean Koontz, love his books, once I start one I have trouble putting it down!!

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Stephen King - Lisey's Story

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