need name of book!!

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Bruizedapple | 13:09 Thu 24th May 2007 | Books & Authors
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Hi guys, Im trying to recall the name of a book I read quite recently. Its set in suburban england and it's about a brother and sister who's parents disappear/abandon them in the house. Everything starts to decay and rot around them, people come but they don't let them in etc. Think one of them tries to start a relationship with someone but it all ends in tears.

V gothic and very good etc, but can't for the life of me remember its name!!


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Do they *ahem* "get a bit friendly" with each other? If so, it sounds like Ian McEwan's "The Cement Garden".
That was a brilliant book LeMarchand,wasn`t it made into a film with the fabulous Charlotte Gainsbourg?
or else it could be

our mother's house

which was made into a film of the same name with Dirk Bogarde = so who did HE start kissing ?

[sorry I love the E4 voice over style]

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need name of book!!

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