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denis567 | 16:50 Sun 29th Oct 2017 | Books & Authors
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I have just started reading Catch 22. Looking at all the reviews, every one praises the book, but I think I must be missing something, to me it is a load of rubbish!
Does anyone agree?


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yup....never got past page 10
I tried to read it many years ago, but never got very far.
The sequel is a better read. But the film of the original is pretty good.
Perhaps that is the catch 22?
I've never read it but wonder if it's one of those books which needs to be read in a group, or at school, so things can be analysed and disected?
It's one of those books you have to stick with. It doesn't make much sense until you have got into it and you have to remember the previous events, in order to relate them to the current events.

I persevered and enjoyed it in the end.
Done today's WWI, Tilly? Quite tricky:
I rarely "persevere" with books. I read for pleasure and if i am not enjoying it then why bother?
Me too woof, I feel life's too short to read uninteresting (to me) books.
It wasn't uninteresting. I persevered because I wanted to piece it all together.
Im like you Tilly. I will persevere with a story, even if it's a bit slow, boring, whatever. Most of the time I'm glad I've stuck with such a book.
You can't say it's not good if you haven't given it a fair crack, and read it: but you can't read it if it's not a good interesting read.

I saw the film, a long time ago. Seemed ok.
Read the book. Saw the film later. The book is hard going, some smiles along the way, but a slog. I would not recommend the book really as it belabours a point too much, the stupidity of war. The film I was disappointed with, it tried to achieve the unachievable, valiant effort, but a failure.

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